Friday, February 17, 2012

A whole lotta llustration, a little graphic design...

Here's a book cover I made for Graphic Design for the Illustrator, for a collection of storied by Isaac Asimov.

The title is not that of the original collection, but one of the stories from it which the illustration is based on. I went for a bit of a retro feel with the illustration and the text. Medium is pen and ink with digital color and values, with torn, crumpled, and scanned paper for the title box, text box on the back cover, and texture on the back cover.
It seems like most of the work in this project was the illustration, the graphic design part was actually pretty simple.

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  1. My God, Will, this is just amazing. I absolutely love it...the torn paper, the spine, the Michaelangelo robot guy, the instructions on the back...SUPER!